At Carson Brothers Montana we understand the importance of your AC drain pipe or condensate line. As time passes, your line may become clogged. This line is necessary for the removal of water released due to the conversion of refrigerant from liquid to gas by your evaporator.

The good news is we can help you unclog your line simply by following the steps outlined below. All you will need is a thin, stiff wire brush, rubber gloves, bucket, duct tape, wet/dry vacuum and duct tape. Begin by turning off the power for your HVAC unit, then look by your condenser outside to locate your AC line. Insert a thin, stiff brush to clear any clogs close to the end of your line.

Finding the Clog

If you are unable to reach the clog, we recommend attaching your wet/dry vacuum to the end of your line. Use duct tape for a secure deal. Run for about one minute. Vacuum out your drain pan, then use soap to clean. Your vent tee is the pipe connecting your drainage tray to your AC line. Take off your PVC cap from the top. Use the same wire brush to remove any clogs you can reach.

Put on gloves, then combine one cup of water and one cup of bleach. Pour it into your drainpipe, then wait for 30 minutes. Put a bucket at the end of your line to make certain the water is draining. Pour plain water into your vent tee. If the water went through your AC drain line, your clog is cleared.

Importance of Professional Assistance

If you were unable to clear your line, we recommend contacting a professional to help prevent damage to your HVAC. At Carson Brothers Montana of Kalispell, Montana, we provide AC and heating repairs, maintenance and installation, ductless HVAC, geothermal and indoor air quality. We want you to be comfortable within your home. Call us today for all of your HVAC needs. We offer service for numerous areas including Bigfork, Hot Springs, Lakeside, Whitefish, Evergreen and Dayton.

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