During the cool winter months of the year, ensuring your furnace is working properly and efficiently is essential to staying warm and keeping bills from skyrocketing. Knowing how to light a furnace pilot light can help you to maintain your home’s furnace even if there is an issue or malfunction.

Follow Instructions

Locate the instructions on your home’s furnace unit, which are often included on a printed label that should be clearly visible on the surface of your furnace. If your furnace does not have written instructions, seek out an instruction manual or guide for your furnace’s make and model online with the use of a top search engine or a website such as YouTube.

Locate Your Furnace’s Pilot Light

Find the pilot light on your furnace, which is typically near the bottom or below the furnace unit itself. Search for an “On” and “Off” switch, depending on your furnace’s model and make. Turn the switch to “Off” and allow at least five minutes for any gas buildup to dissipate within the furnace unit itself, preventing a potential fire from starting.

Reset and Light

After you have waited five minutes to allow the dissipation of gas after shutting off your furnace pilot light, locate the “Reset” button. The “Reset” button on your furnace should be located near the pilot light switch. Turn your pilot light switch to the “Pilot” option and begin holding down your furnace’s “Reset” button. Use a candle lighter or extended lighter and place the flame near the opening of the pilot light while simultaneously pressing the “Reset” button.

Call on the Pros

Handling your home’s furnace or other heating and cooling equipment can feel daunting and intimidating, especially if you are anxious about tinkering with the appliances yourself. Do you have a pilot light that requires attention from a professional? Contact Carson Brothers Montana in Kalispell to schedule your appointment. We service the greater Northwestern area of the State of Montana. Our team can help get your pilot light fixed, repaired or replaced today. We also offer heating, cooling, indoor air quality, and geothermal services.

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