Your home HVAC system requires routine maintenance, cleaning and care to keep it in good working condition. When cleaning your HVAC system, you should always do a thorough job to prevent potential breakdowns. Here are some points on how and where to thoroughly clean your system.

Cleaning the Vents and Registers

The air vents and floor registers are highly susceptible to all kinds of dirt. The suction force created by air moving through the vents leads to dust accumulation on the registers. When cleaning the air vents, you should use a vacuum to suck up any dust and other particulate debris that accumulates in the area. You should also check for common obstructions, such as clumps of dust, hair or pet fur and cobwebs that may accumulate in the area around the air inlets.

Air Filters

Air filters are important in helping to ensure good air quality in your house. They function by filtering out any dust and particulate debris from the air sucked in through the vents. Checking the air filters on a regular basis and replacing them if they have accumulated dust will keep your system in good working condition.

Cleaning the Duct Pipes

The pipes connecting and supplying air to different rooms in your house are often susceptible to various potential hazards, such as getting clogged. When cleaning your HVAC system, you should inspect the duct pipes for potential problems, such as worn-out insulation or even cracks. You should also blow some air through the pipes to dislodge any debris clogs in the pipes.

Inspecting the Furnace

If your HVAC system has a furnace, you should inspect it for potential problems, such as accumulation of rust that abstract heat transfer. Checking and cleaning the flame sensor and pilot light may also extend your HVAC equipment lifetime. You should also remove the blower and inspect the fan for any dust or damaged fan blades.

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