Essentials of Small Town Life

Carrier-Equipment-PictureThere are many advantages to living in a small town like Columbia Falls. Carson Brothers has served the community reliably and knows as the primary source for air conditioner service in the area how important their services are the the local population. Besides providing air conditioning repair services, they are also the areas number one choice for same day heating repair for Columbia Falls .

When Things Go Wrong

No one is exempt from things going wrong. When it comes to your heating and air conditioning systems, it is critical that your heating or cooling units get back up and running as quickly as possible. But there are things you can do to help before the service technician arrives.

  • Check Your Unit’s Air Filter
  • Have the Brand and Model Number of Your Unit
  • Clean Up
  • Lock Up Your Pets
  • Make Sure a Responsible Adult is Home
  • Be Prepared to Pay

Doing these things will help the service tech begin work immediately and minimize distractions that can cause the job to be delayed from being completed. It also helps by allowing the technician to get to his next call faster.

What Not To Do

hvacThere are people who get impatient and start trying to fix the system by themselves, especially when temperatures drop and the house is getting dangerously cold. However, you can do more harm than good by doing this. We strongly recommend refraining from doing any work on as broken unit yourself until the technician arrives.

Potential problems are:

  • You Could Damage a Part
  • You Could Expose Yourself to Injury from Electrical Shock
  • You Can Expose Other People to Danger

The simple truth is that you are very unlikely to be able to fix the system yourself. Please be sure to tell the technician immediately if you have made any attempts, no matter how small you may think they are, to fix the system yourself.

Call Us For Assistance

Whether it is for same day heating repair in Columbia Falls or air conditioner service , Carson Brothers has the knowledge and experience to deal with the problem quickly and get your home environment back to normal.