The technicians at Carson Brothers Montana know how to care for the health of the furnace in your Kalispell home. We also understand how important a comfortable house is for your overall well-being. That’s why we want to explain how a furnace could impact your health.

The Risks of Poor Maintenance

A properly maintained furnace does not pose any health risks to you or your family. However, poor maintenance can lead to problems. If you let dust build up in your ducts when the furnace is not active, you can experience allergy symptoms when the furnace kicks on and dust and dust mites are blown out of your vents. A professional cleaning will prevent this from happening.

The major health concern with furnaces is carbon monoxide. Most modern furnaces have several safeguards to detect and prevent the release of this dangerous gas. In addition, an annual tune-up will catch any problems before they become major issues. Nevertheless, if you have a furnace, you should have carbon monoxide detectors in your home as a precaution.

The Health Benefits of a Furnace

A well-maintained furnace and duct system can have a positive impact on your air quality. As the air flows through your system, it passes through a filter that removes some of the dust, dander, and hair floating in the air. If you combine that basic filtering with an air purification system, your heating system will remove even smaller irritants as well as volatile organic chemicals. This improved air quality helps everyone to breathe a little easier.

The main health benefit of a furnace is the relaxation of a comfortable home. When you are comfortable, your stress levels drop. Your blood pressure decreases along with your heart rate. Reducing daily stress levels is associated with long-term health benefits. You can approach your day with a sense of calm and well-being.

Carson Brothers Montana is ready to help Kalispell-area customers with their heating, cooling, and indoor air quality needs. We know the benefits of a clean, comfortable home. Contact us today for more information.

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