AC and Furnace Repair in Kalispell

Carson Brothers is a trusted, well-recognized heating and air conditioning company in the Kalispell area. We only use high quality products and our technicians are the best in the business. Whether you need a furnace repair or AC unit checkup, Carson Brothers are the ones you should call.

Choosing the Right AC Unit or Heat Pump System

There are three main choices available when dealing with heating and cooling systems. The “V’ in HVAC stands for Ventilation, so the purpose of all Carrier systems is to keep your entire home Carrier-AC-Furnace_FADcool in the summer, no matter the system you choose.

  • Package Units – you usually see these on a rooftop and are ideal for homes with limited indoor space.
  • Split System – seen in many residential neighborhoods, this system has the condenser unit located outside of the home to save space and for aesthetic purposes.
  • Heat Pumps – you likely will see in Montana because they are very effective in heating your home when the temperature gets below freezing.

Stay Warm With A New Furnace

A furnace is an excellent way to heat up your home. Their power and durability make them a household necessity for most homeowners. Below you’ll find things to consider when choosing the perfect heat pump, furnace, or air conditioning system for your home:

  • Interior Space – even if you have the room for both the condensing unit and the furnace to be installed indoors, a split system is popular for a reason.
  • Exterior Space – you may live in close quarters, so the package unit may be a must have option.
  • Accessories – some homes will need a few accessories to maximize the comfort of their home environment.
  • Price – this always has to be a consideration, not only for the initial cost but also for the potential maintenance and repair costs that accompany the unit.

Air Conditioning and Heating in Kalispell

At Carson Brothers we have the experience and the commitment to get you the system you need for the best available price. More than selling you a system, we provide heating and cooling repair for Kalispell residents and the surrounding area. With a commitment to the Kalispell community to be the best furnace and AC repair company in Kalispell, we make the extra effort to give you the right system for your home. Contact us today!